Rapid City Society for Genealogical Research, Inc.
Rapid City, South Dakota
Mount Rushmore - South Dakota
Serving the Rapid City, Black Hills and Western South Dakota Genealogical Community
Amended February 17, 2022
            1. The regular and the annual meetings will be held on the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm at the Faith Lutheran Church, 17 Indiana St., Rapid City, SD.
            2. The monthly board meetings shall be held prior to the regular meetings unless otherwise determined.  Time and place to be set at the convenience of the Board.
            1.  Voting shall be by a show of hands. For elections, providing there is only one candidate for each office, voting shall be a show of hands.  If more than one candidate is running for any one office, the voting shall be by written ballot, with the candidate receiving the most votes to be elected.
            2.  A Standing Rule can be added, amended or suspended by a majority vote of members present at any regular meeting.
            The regular dues for a regular member of the Rapid City Society for Genealogical Research (RCSGR) shall be $25.00 per year per person, due in the first month of the fiscal year. New members who join in September through December, and paying at the time they join, will receive September through December at no additional costs.
            The Student dues designation is for individuals who are considered as a full-time student registered in any School District as recognized by the South Dakota Board of Education or any higher education institution recognized by the South Dakota Board of Regents and shall be $15.00 per year per student. 
            The Rapid City Society for Genealogical Research (RCSGR) recognizes individuals who have been regular members for many years and who have contributed valuable service and time.  The RCSGR Board may grant these individuals the designation as “lifetime” membership at no cost to the individual.
            The President shall have the right to appoint Chairpersons as they see fit and in accordance with the Standing Rules.  The Chairperson of any of these Committees shall have the right to solicit volunteers as needed.
            1.  A Correspondence Chairperson shall take care of any correspondence of the Society.
            2.  The Editor will solicit, receive, assemble and assist in writing material for the Nuggets.  The Editor will see to the distribution of the Quarterly. 
            3.  The Historian will collect and preserve all important historical documents and items that belong to the Society. 
            4.  The Librarian will receive, process and handle research materials using the RCSGR inventory control document and in accordance with the Library Procedures Policy.   Additionally, the Librarian will work with the Rapid City Public Library to process and add and delete materials from the RCSGR Research Collection held in the Rapid City Public Library.
            5.  The Long Range Planning Committee will review on a regular basis the purpose of the RCSGR and set goals and objectives to align the mission of the Society to anticipate future needs and potential projects. 
            6. The Membership Chairperson shall collect all dues; coordinate accounting and deposits with the Treasurer; notify all members when dues shall become delinquent; keep a current roster of members in good standing and coordinate with the Treasurer and Nuggets Editor. The Membership Chairperson will maintain the membership listing for the purpose of communicating membership meeting details and related information.
            7.  The Refreshment Chairperson shall see to snacks and drinks at each meeting unless it is a special meeting.  The Refreshment Chairperson shall take care of the Society supplies for refreshments and restock supplies for refreshments when needed.
            8.  The Website/Social Media Chairperson shall maintain and keep current the Society website as well as all related social media platforms used by the Society. The Website/Social Media Chairperson shall act as the primary technology contact for the Society, reviewing, updating and revising the electronic materials regularly.
            9.  The Publications Chairperson shall be responsible for maintaining the inventory of the Society’s compiled and published publications; and delivery of requested publications to the purchaser (either in electronic or hardcopy format).  The Publications Chairperson shall work closely with the Digitization/Preservation Chairperson.
            10.  The Digitization/Preservation Chairperson shall be responsible for and carryout and maintain the digitization and preservation plan related to all publications and materials published by the Society. Said materials shall be archived in a safe manner both in hard copy format as well as electronic back-up.
            Officers of the Society may appoint Special Committees and Sub-Committees as needed and approved by the Board except for the Nominating Committee, which is appointed by the President.
Tracking:  Passed at regular meeting 18 Oct., 2012 to take effect 1 Jan. 2013.  Meetings were changed to Faith Lutheran Church and voted on in Feb. 2014 to bring the Standing Rules up to date.  Board Meetings were changed and voted on in February, 2015. Revision of Standing Rules voted on in  March 2016 to bring them up to date.  Revision of Standing Rules were approved April 15, 2021 to bring them up to date. Revisions of Standing Rules were approved January 20, 2022 to bring them up to date (Dues increase)
Standing Rules                                                      Amended January 20, 2022